Hello 👋 😄
I am Gerard Chukwu.
I have been creating images and graphic designs (+ process flows and user manuals) since 2015.  
With 3 years of business operations and leadership experience, I have leveraged company-specific systems and tools to successfully implement risk mitigation and business solutions. My passion for cybersecurity and familiarity with security tools and policies, frameworks (NIST RMF and CSF), OWASP’s secure design principles and other foundational cybersecurity and networking concepts has prepared me for a 2024 Summer Cybersecurity Internship. I am working towards the earning the CompTIA Security+ certificate by December.

I aim to gain industry experience by diligently working on individual and collaborative projects that improve the security posture of our company, with CIANA+PS in mind.

*The pictures of me bowling and ice skating - lol! Well, I suck at them 🤣.
I love to travel and eat good food. So far, I have been to 5 countries, 12 states in Nigeria and 15 states in the United States (and counting).
I like to cook, play the piano, snorkel, play table tennis and listen to Cybersecurity podcasts. 
My faith keeps me going during my low points and I love my family and friends.

Thank you for visiting my website! 
Feel free to reach me via my social handles or shoot me an email, to collaborate or if you have something for me 😉
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